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About Gale Joyce

Gale Joyce is a landlord-tenant lawyer specializing in eviction law since 1993. She has served as an instructor alongside judges and other specialists to teach housing law to other attorneys for continuing legal education.

She is a landlord herself and understands what is required to maintain profitability. Clients have included owners of small buildings, large management companies, and major banks, as well as court-appointed 7A Administrators and Receivers. She has accumulated vast experience in all areas of landlord/tenant proceedings before the NYC Housing Court.

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Ms. Joyce’s experience and knowledge of landlord/tenant law in New York have made her a strong and respected member of the legal community. She continues to find cost-effective legal solutions for her clients.

New York City landlords are among the most regulated in the country. Yet they are some of the most under-served professionals when it comes to information about NYC landlord/tenant laws and what is necessary to comply. You will be guided through every step of the eviction process. Your questions will be answered promptly, and can your case will often be started the same day you contact the office.