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The Most Common Reasons Your Apartment Might Fail a Section 8 Annual Inspection

  1. Smoke alarm and CO detector missing from or not working on each floor of the unit. It is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain a battery-powered smoke detector that is provided by the landlord. A non-working battery powered smoke detector is considered a tenant caused deficiency and will result in commencement of an action to terminate the tenant from the Section 8 program if corrective action is not taken. Subsidy will not be interrupted while the tenant remains in the program.
  2. Defective paint surfaces in the apartment or in the common areas leading to the apartment including chipped, cracked or peeling paint.
  3. Electrical outlet covers are missing or broken.
  4. There are not at least two working outlets or one working outlet and one permanent working light in the living room, kitchen or bedrooms.
  5. Windows are cracked and/or do not open properly.
  6. Bug/vermin infestation.
  7. Exposed electrical wiring.
  8. Lack of ventilation in the bathroom (e.g. no window or working exhaust vent)
  9. Stove or refrigerator is missing or inoperable and/or stove is missing knobs, burners or heating elements.
  10. A tripping hazard is present as a result of a damaged floor.
  11. Plumbing leaks or signs of corrosion.
  12. A window or door accessible from the outside is not lockable.
  13. Missing window guards where a child under 10 years old resides in the apartment.