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Gale Joyce has specialized in Booklyn and Queens landlord lawyer services in Queens, NY since 1993 and has represented thousands of landlords in housing court. She has served as an instructor along side judges and other specialists to teach housing law to other attorneys for continuing legal education.

Recent Brooklyn and Queens landlord law litigation achievements include securing a $5,000 per month mid-lease increase on a commercial property in Queens, having a 20 year lease on a four family house declared a nullity after trial, negotiating favorable settlements for a commercial tenant with over thirty leased properties in litigation, dismissal of violations by the Environmental Control Board for an illegal basement apartment.


The office is dedicated to superior service especially in the area of communication with clients. Small landlords often need more contact with their attorneys than corporate clients who have staff dedicated to litigation. Call today to schedule a consultation with our Queens landlord lawyer.


New York City landlords are among the most regulated in the country. Yet they are some of the most under served professionals when it comes to information access concerning Queens landlord law & Queens tenant law and what is necessary to comply.

Use this site to learn about Queens landlord laws, regulations and court decisions that effect your business and your profitability. Call our Queens landlord lawyer today for more information.

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Many Queens landlord owners are under the misconception that having an illegal apartment affects your ability to evict a Queens tenant in NYC Landlord Tenant Court.

This is NOT true. If your building is being used in violation of the certificate of occupancy, you will still be allowed to evict your tenants using a simple eviction proceeding.

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Looking for answers to questions about security deposits or what to do if your Rent Stabilized tenant will not renew the lease? Eviction notices or non-payments? Just have general questions about Queens landlord law?

Knowledge is the key to building a profitable landlord tenant relationship. It will give you the tools to prevent the need for eviction notices or lay the groundwork for a successful outcome if you do have to commence an eviction proceeding.

All clients are free to call when it is convenient for them including evenings and weekends. If “no one is available to take your call” you will be contacted quickly, most often on the same day. Call today to learn more about our Queens landlord lawyer services.

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